Beautiful Nature near river Zlatna Panega

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Hi everyone :)

I want to share with you few details I captured on our walk enjoying the beautiful Nature at the Natural reserve river Zlatna Panega at the Northwestern part of Bulgaria.

It is a wonderful place to "recharge the batteries" and get far away from the stress of the daily life :)

Birds were very shy there but butterflies posed fearlessly to me :)

Any questions, just ask me out :)

Enjoy and stay safe and blessed!







Copyright: Damian Hadjiyvanov, Light Captured

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Thank you for all the support!

Have a great photo! :P



Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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Thank you :)

The nature is impressive, the gray butterfly with blue captured my attention, it has wings like velvet

Absolutely beautiful. And I was so happy it was standing in front of my lens enough time to photograph it properly :) Thanks!


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