Photo 52 | 2020 Challenge | Week Number 33 | It's New but it was once Old

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Photo 52 Challenge Contest, 2020 Edition is an inspiration from @photo52 & @wwwiebe. Every week a photo/s is to be shared based upon a pre-defined theme.

This week's theme is all about Discover Something New.

And I have the perfect object to showcase the NEW.


You might wonder why I'm saying this is NEW.

It's a NEW Coca Cola design as compared to the one that we're familiar with.
It's in a glass bottle instead of the plastic that we're so familiar with.
It also gives us a fresh new look which we're all in need of.

So, this is my concept of Discovering Something New 😎

Weekly theme will be supplied every Wednesday.
Weekly challenge closes midnight EST (GMT-5) the following Tuesday.


Interesting! I wonder if the soda tastes any different from glass than from plastic.

I don't really taste any different but definitely more environmentally friendly