Mount Lindesay

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The view at dawn after spending a frosty night camping in the Mount Barney saddle (1087m or 3566ft) and heading up the East peak (1,359m or 4,459ft) for sunrise. The shot was taken about five minutes before reaching the summit. I have wanted to get a dawn shot here since climbing here as a teenager (way back in the 90's) as it perfectly layers the foreground ridge with Mount Ernest (964m or 3163ft ) sandwiched in the middle and Mount Lindesay (1175m or 3855ft) at the back. Once the sun has risen for the there is too much contrast and the boundaries between the layers start to silhouette. Mount Lindesay straddles the Queensland / New South Wales border and is situated both within the Mount Barney National Park in Queensland and the Border Ranges National Park in New South Wales. Australia.


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Thank you

Amazing shot!


They do stack rather nicely O_O

I love that pinky purple sky that I pretty much never wake up early enough to see XD

It is beautiful up there.