What's really going on? UK lockdown rules & enforcement

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We approach police to find out what they are up to. It seems like picnics are not allowed...Some comments from Youtube:
Luke Harrison
1 month ago
You should of asked him how many lives has he endangered by going up to people and speaking to them about having a picnic

1 month ago
This whole thing feels like a rehearsal for something bigger & more sinister

Fivemonkeys Ina cage
1 month ago
The fella in the background knows the score, sees the feds and starts doing lunges!!
Think I'll use that one!😂

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Great vid!

"Oi! You got a loicense for that picnic!?"

I had a wee gathering recently, with a bonfire in a field, and the police came out three times, trying to think of crimes we were committing to break it up. We just said everyone lived together. I'm in Northern Ireland at the moment, so they won't push it over here, but they seem pretty bad in England.