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RE: Sublimesunday - Halloween Scary Ghost Walk 😱

in SublimeSunday β€’ 6 months ago

Damn! Those are scary but interesting things to take a look at. I love that first photo of a witch. She would make a good art!

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Right? 😁 Fascinating scare for sure
And I agree, that first witch looks really cool and as art... Bet she would look awsome πŸ˜‰βœŒοΈ

Hope you are having a wonderful Day, and Thank you very much for your comment πŸ™

Cheers! 🌹

Sure! I am having a wonderful day. I wish you invited me to this place. I love horrors and zombies!

You are welcome to walk the scary tour if you Dare 😁 lol
Crap... I just noticed that the video clips that I putted in my post only shows on peakd 😳 Wonder why?

Have a wonderful evening my friend. Cheers πŸ€—

I used peakd to what the video. They were scary but I enjoyed it! Gonna be making a sketch of that witch!πŸ˜„
Stay tuned.