Sublime Sunday - THE SUBLIME PATTERN SHOW episode 4

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I'm presenting a different kind of pattern this time ...


... besides the usual abstractions & ornaments ... you'll find some real fishes here ... and that presence of figurative stuff ...


... makes the animated versions of the artwork look considerably more interesting and dynamic ...


... and now ...


... since I forgot to put the usual & obligatory intro at the beginning of the episode - I'll put it here, near the end:

Once upon a time ... a few years ago ... ... I drew tons of floral ornaments, geometrical shapes and various random stuff in Adobe Illustrator ... ... and put those shapes together in various combinations to create hundreds of patterns. It was a Shutterstock project and I uploaded about one third of those patterns there ... but then I discovered Steemit and forgot about Shutterstock ... Steemit leaded to HIVE ... and so now, I decided to resurrect the patterns, give them new life with a bit of animation and publish them here as a series of slightly hypnotic posts :D ...

4 pattern FISH 7 GIF.gif

As always in these posts on HIVE, the artwork & the animations are in all segments made by me.



Hungry fish. I wonder what's in the water :)

What is the unifying theme for #sublimesunday Community?

I think the motto is : Do whatever you want, it's Sunday, the rules and guidelines are suspended till Monday :D

I like some of these, they are hypnotic and funny, indeed!
dont like gif #3
I wonder... if I may ask... you forgot about the Shutterstock -- did that project bring back any succesful return for your efforts and time and talent invested? or just swallowed it like the sand smallow the water - without any trace ?.. I never made account at SHutter... but uploaded a pile of photos to Adobe Stocks. Still resulting in zero sales and zero income, haha. At least Hive gives you control for the stuff, and some silly money as well (or maybe even not so silly!)

The patterns, hundreds of patterns made me 14 dollars in almost two years now ... the illustrations with office people and stuff worked slightly better and brought 47 dollars in the same period ... :) not a great way to get rich fast ... or to get any substantial money ever for plenty of work ... collecting those plastic bottles around the town and bringing them to the Supermarket looks like better business.

the illustrations with office people and stuff worked slightly better

totally can understand this. plausible. its DEMANDed.

and I never wanted to imagine those possible situations that may demand photos as illustrations, and shoot them 'in advance'. maybe it MAY be creative too, but .... its not the reason why I am into photography, and, as you absolutely wisely noted, collecting plastic bottles around the town will bring more money, and will do it rather faster.

and hundreds of patterns, hours of creative work - being converted for two years into, say, 2 or 3 big pizzaz? rediculous and sad...

HIVE is completely another deal, yes. it brings perspective and fun. and HOPE

('I want to believe', as they say :))))


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HIVE it's a big difference ... compared to my stock illustrations earnings the money here is far from silly ...and the most important thing, here I can have fun, experiment with whatever comes to my mind, share whatever I want, communicate with people - with time it looks more and more like a real social network experience ... stock illustration and photography its a hard work with many commercial restrictions ... it's OK to get discipline and experience in producing strictly commercial stuff ... but for the money or fun :) better look elsewhere, in my experience.