in Faces of Hivelast month

Sometimes in summer, Stag beetles are flying above my garden, and above my hometown in general, on their way from one small patch of forested area to another similar oak grove ...

DSC05043 malo.jpg

... and sometimes, they land for a while. In this post I'll show you some selfies, with me and these summer visitors. Here you can see some female beetles on the shot from 2015.

DSC05050 malo.jpg

Here is a slightly trippy vision photographed in the bathroom mirror.

DSC05052 malo.jpg

Through the magic of that mirror ...

DSC05054 trippy MALO.jpg

... the two beetles became four.

DSC04272 malo.jpg

Here you can see the male stag beetle with long mandibles ...

DSC04281 malo.jpg

... on some shots from 2014.


As always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work. All the beetles flew away after the shooting.


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Hahah, the magical mirror doubled the beetles 👌 and you as well 😜

They look dangerous, although probably they are not 😇

True :) They look like little monsters with strong mandibles ... and in fact their bait surely hurts ... but they are pretty calm when handled calmly, so it's ok.

but they are pretty calm when handled calmly, so it's ok.

The same as with the bees. When I was a child we had bees, so my father handled around them without any gloves or protection. They didn't bite him.

Wooow, man, they are giant! Looks like they could crush your fingers easily :D You are a very bold fella :)

Hehehe ... It's easy to appear bold with these small beasts, but thy are really cool and docile :D and even if they bite, the bite hurts but doesn't have a crushing power.

All the beetles flew away after the shooting.

No animals were hurt in the making of this post :))

Of course.

Hehe :D true, that's the point.