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The year was 2010 ... I was pretty active on Facebook back then ... and selfies ruled that social network show ... so when I found something interesting or funny to put on my head, I would go in front of my bathroom mirror and take a picture of the exact copy of me trapped there, in the world behind the mirror.

wcpprprofilna malo.jpg

At one occasion I took a roll of toilet paper and made some kind of hat with it. Then, as usual, I stood in front of the mirror, ready to take a selfie ... but ...


... when I pushed the button, the light changed, the time stood still for a second or two, and some strange little creature flew by. I never found out what happened that morning ... but I have this moving picture, that somehow got recorded instead of a usual still photograph, to show you how it looked.

I experienced this phenomenon quite a few time after that in my bathroom ... I heard that this could be because of some unstable area in between two or more universes pulsating under my roof ... or a small portal to hell ...



Aha! I thought there was something funny about your house the first time you showed photos inside your kitchen and bathroom with cats in the kitchen. The shape of the rooms and corners seem to create strange flow of energy!

You should make a video of your house too. That creature looks very unreal! Like something hanging in the air!

Hehehe ... a video will look like just another Paranormal activity movie!

Wow! That would be fantastic. Out of thus world video!!


Sir, you took selfies - I think I saw a fly

an octopus flying ... a very interesting example of that flying whip.!!!

I haven't seen it yet, it's a rare autochthonous animal ???? it seems extremely peaceful to me. cute :)

Yes,sir! :D It's a local hybrid - the Octofly ... small but dangerous.

Wow ... Bisteli would rather cook it - baked or otherwise prepared, but when it is so very dangerous, I honestly prefer it to be alive like this, let it run around the screen as it flies ... but I think it is very tasty, at least it looks so nice. :)


Never Imagined at the beginning that was a toilet paper hat haha! The edits are lovely though.

I was just eager to know @borjan that do you still use FB or have abandoned it completely 😃

I still use the messenger on Facebook because most of the people I know here in the area contact me there ... sometimes also I put a link on some YouTube music when I'm surprised by some music I never heard before ... but don't upload artwork and photographs and don't write statuses like before 2019. At first, I had a lot of fun there on Facebook, but then ... especially in the last years with too many adverts and stuff always bombarding me with stupidity, social networking got me really sick. Now I'm having fun with uploading and writing here, learning new languages along the way too... much more creative and positive experience.

So happy you did:) I would never have found you on Facebook. Every time I try to go on there (very rarely) I feel as though I'm being swallowed up in a sinkhole.

:) Great description of that Facebook feeling.

Yea, I too remember my old days where I used to be there for at least 5-6 hours a day and internet had only meant one thing back then, ie; Facebook :D

I think if a person once dives into a crypto blogging world then hardly he/she will spend their time on FB :))

Thanks for sharing your experience, my friend.

I agree with you and my experience is so this is extremely nice fun innovative and creative to me it's it's enjoyable fun and something is learned and seen smart

#borjan ps.

not to forget I sent you new music that I played a side rehearsal he he didn't hear it anywhere but there will be.