The Wonders of Dialysis

in R2cornell3 months ago

I've been on this life support treatment for 5 years now, it's called dialysis. I have to do it 3x a week to clean my blood from toxins because both of my kidneys are dead. It still amazes me how my blood leaves my body and goes to this machine and gets cleaned and then flows back to my body. It happens for four hours every session. Such a great wonder of science that I am so much grateful for. It has extended my life for 5 years. Without it, I could have been gone.




Does this mean the only way to stop having to do dialysis is to get a kidney transplant?

Yes. Exactly. 😊

Whoa, that's hard then because you would need to have to have a matching kidney and then get the operation.

I hope Hive and other crypto allows you to get this done one day.

Thank you, by the way. Weird but I don't get this kind of support and understanding from family and people close to me. Hahaha! I appreciate the fact that you are a stranger and actually wish me well on this.

It's the least I can do. I know I can never feel what you are going through and would hate to be in your shoes. It's why I just wanted to wish you well.

Again I hope you will have the means to improve your health in the future.

That's the plan and I am working on it little by little each day.