My Weird Compulsions to Eat Ice

in R2cornell2 months ago

I have PICA, a symptom or a complication when you have chronic anemia. I've been battling anemia for years, I even think I was probably born with it. I knew I was anemic since I was in High School. PICA is a disorder that causes you compulsions to eat non food items or things with zero nutritional value or even just any weird objects around you. Fortunately, for my case it's just ice. I nibble on ice which is fine with my doctor because that's better than drinking glasses of water. I have kidney failure so I have fluid intake limits, I can actually just drink 750 ml per day. Sometimes I would nibble on big chunks, especially now that it's hot in this summer, I do it more than usual. I know, that sounds crazy but that's how I am. I am trying to control it though because I am doing my best not to have pneumonia because I have never had that and it is a big threat to us dialysis patients. It kills us and if we ever recover, we are never the same again, it makes us weak and too vulnerable with anything.