Healthy Green Leafy Veggies For Meals

in R2cornell2 months ago (edited)

It was inevitable for me to have heart enlargement because of my chronic illness, and now 5 years into dialysis, my heart is already showing enlargement which will eventually lead to its failure. Apparently, kidneys control blood pressure and not the heart, that is why now that my kidneys are dead, my heart is working extra hard especially during dialysis when my blood is pumped out of my body at a fast flow rate and be back real time.

We cannot do anything about that because it's part of the complexity of the illness but we can try to manage other factors we can control so we do not worsen the situation. Eating healthy is one thing. With an enlarge heart the ducts would be so tight and narrow so avoiding fatty and salty food would be necessary. That is why I have switched to a more plant-based diet. My diet would now be more on veggies and fruits. In a ratio, it should be around 75-80% plant based and the rest could be something else. Absolutely no processed foods because they are heavy on all the bad stuff for me, sodium, potassium and phosphorus.

Today, my lunch was sauted water spinach with sweet potato tops or leaves. It was okay, actually. I have never been a picky eater and green leafy veggies has been my thing. I think it would be a matter of getting used to, I guess. I know I can do this, I have to.



Veggies is always good for health as give energy, not gain weight and give lots of nutritions.