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Welcome to the curation report # 32 for the Discord Community of @r2cornell. Our Discord membership as of Sunday is 682. Our hive community on Hive (hive-152200) memberships stands at 206. We curated 148 Hive publications from last Sunday through Saturday afternoon.

Bienvenidos al informe de curaduría # 32 para la Comunidad Discord de @r2cornell. Nuestra membresía de Discord a partir del domingo es 682. Nuestra membresía de la comunidad de la colmena en Hive (colmena-152200) es de 206. Curamos 148 publicaciones Hive desde el domingo pasado hasta el sábado por la tarde.


Maybe I'll be Defeated one more Time, then....

By @hafizullah

Stay Home Challenge- Day 4 || Olden structure with domes!

By @rem-steem

Natural Scenery in the Middle of the Sea at Sunset

By @victoria-bella

Qurator's Photo Quest | Cats [ENG/ESP]

By @manuelgil64

Scottish Highalands - Hit the Road!

By @photovisions

Spring Photos

By @luminosity


By @marfonso

Morning walk

By @foxkoit

Hazlo fácil desde casa: Deliciosa pizza sin horno // Make it easy from home: Delicious pizza without oven

By @angelica7

Draw This In Your Style (DTIYS): Mr Cat (Drawing Cute) / Dibuja esto a tu estilo: Señor Gato. (Dibujos tiernos)

By @equipodelta

Honorable Mention/Mención Honorífica

Again we want to offer some additional publications as honorable mention, because they too authored good posts, but we could choose only so many to be highlighted. I hope you visit all of the publications found listed here. In addition to these there are many more listed in our post promotion channel that deserve everyone's attention. Please support your fellow community members. There are additional publications in our hive community (

Una vez más queremos ofrecer algunas publicaciones adicionales como mención honorífica, porque también son autores de buenos artículos, pero elegimos sólo algunos para ser destacados. Espero que visiten todas las publicaciones que se encuentran aquí. Además de éstas, hay muchas más en nuestro canal de post-promoción que merecen la atención de todos. Por favor, apoye a los demás miembros de su comunidad. Hay publicaciones adicionales en nuestra comunidad de la colmena. (

#Manually Curated Post Link


This brings us to the end of our 32th Curation Report (Hive). As usual there were so many quality publications curated this week that it was difficult to choose those for the report. Then it was even more difficult choosing those to highlight. I trust everyone will enjoy both the highlighted and honorable mention publications. I can only say "great work to everyone".

Esto nos lleva al final de nuestro 32º Informe de Curación (Hive). Como de costumbre, hubo tantas publicaciones de calidad curadas esta semana que fue difícil elegir las del informe. Y luego fue aún más difícil elegir las que se van a destacar. Confío en que todos disfrutarán tanto de las publicaciones destacadas como de las honorables. Sólo puedo decir "gran trabajo para todos ".

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Una muy buena selección de post para este nuevo reporte de curación… Gracias @dsc-r2cornell.

Gran trabajo del equipo de curación de @R2cornell se muestra el gran talento de los seleccionados. Saludos sigan con su enorme trabajo de apoyo. Éxitos.

Great curating top as always!

Any tips on how I could get in your field of view for curation, any keywords that I should use or some specific topics I should address...?

Join my Discord Community and leave links to your publications in our post-promotion channel. Our curators go there to curate publications. My Discord Server located at:

Much appreciated and glad to see a kind gesture around the HIVE.

Thanks for the mention!!!

a very good work.

very important notice, valuable posting brother.

That is valuable article and excellent photography.

Thanks sir
Have a nice day.

Hello, dsc-r2cornell. as usual you display many good posts. Among them, I really like Victoria-Bella's posts. I also voted for him. and very appropriate because the post is in 6 days.

This community is so beautiful always amazing content to discover from all the members here thanks for bringing it here : )

Wow Nice Photo Collection . it s wonderful . i love it this flowers.

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Gracias por el apoyo que le brindan cada día a los autores <3 Bendiciones.


Genial el mundo es bello…

Great and keep up the good work
You guys are really trying curating great content each day

and i think the cat won by @manuelgil64 excellent captured ....

And yes Thanks alot @r2cornell for helping out many people

Thanks @hassanabid! 🤗

all clicks are beautiful btw i like spring one By @luminosity excellent work buddy

Thank you very much @r2cornell, @dsc-r2cornell and all Curator there 🙏🙏

Very amazing the post all.

Muy buena la selección de los posts, presentada en el informe.
Hacen un gran trabajo en favor de los usuarios de la blockchain.
Tienen nuestro apoyo @dsc-r2cornel, @r2corner, @blessed-girl.

Publicación curada manualmente por Club12

¡¡¡Vamos por más!!!

their posts are all very good, and very motivating for us.

finding quality is more difficult, than creating content. and i believe that.
I congratulate those chosen.👍👍👍👍