Preserving The Fruits

in R2cornelllast month

Good afternoon everyone!

I just finished eating my lunch. Then, in a few moments, I am craving to eat fruits. My Aunt bought a lot of different fruit. I am not buying fruits. Family members don't like it. Maybe, one try is enough. Fruits are already changing their colors. I don't want to throw it in the garbage.

Mango is so sweet.


Strawberries are rotting quickly.


Orange is needed for the mixture and preservation.


I keep it in the fridge and I know it will last for another day since I put orange juice too. Orange juice can be used to preserve all the fruits.

These fruits have different nutrients that our body needs. Why should not try to eat? I am now trying fruits. Before I only eat mango. Let us enjoy the natural vitamin we get from it.

Thats all and thanks!



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Thats pretty nice, good to know you did not trash those fruits, sure you will enjoy the nutrients