Pork Friday Treat By My Brother

in R2cornelllast month


As usual, I would love to have more pics in this post but I was too hungry to do that. My brother brought me again to his favorite Korean Restaurant and who am I to say no. My brother is a health-conscious gym person and when he says something unusual like, "let's eat pork," it usually take me aback because that's rare. He would always opt for his protein shake and a bunch of veggies and some odd tasting stuff healthy people eat. For me they all taste like paper that's why I would never have his lifestyle.

I guess he misses bonding with me like the usual. We used to be carefree about what we eat until he became too health conscious and seriously got into fitness. He has been working out for about more than 3 years now and he has the body of a demigod that I will never have. I like his build but I am too comfortable with just being me and eating what I like. I'm always supportive of him, especially when he wants to eat Korean pork meals like this one. Oh yeah!



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