My New Favorite Pet Fish Up Close

in R2cornelllast month


My New Favorite Pet Fish Up Close Look at that pretty face. It's been with with me for awhile and never fails to set me in a good mood. She has her own attitude just like all my other pets but this does not really get me into much headache. She's just calm most of the times and not picky with food. I feed it raw shrimps and she does not waste it. She does not mess up with the other fishes in the community but she fights when someone wants to bully her. It has grown quite fast and I am so proud of her progress with its color. She is glowing with her colors on her scales and it is mesmerizing watching her swim back and forth. It makes my day just watching her when I am bored or having me time with a cup of coffee or when I am about to sleep at night. I feel satisfied about being a pet parent when I talk about my pets. I love them all.


Excellent looking fish

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