Litson Kawali

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Litson Kawali is a Filipino dish made of pork belly that's deep-fried on a pan. It's a simple dish because it does not involve a lot of ingredients. You just need to season the pork and have it deep-fried on hot oil. Then you prepare your preferred sauce to dip it to. We usually use typical Filipino condiments for the sauce, vinegar, soy sauce, kalamansi, chopped chilis, chopped onions and garlic. Other people would also use gravy as their sauce.

I often prepare litson kawali for my family because it is easy and everyone at home loves it. Even my pet dogs love it. I include some ribs when I deep-fry for my pets to play with the bones. This is one of our favorite dishes at home. I am proud, I make this too well, it's crunchy and so seasoned that it's juicy on the inside.



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