It Would Be Great To Eat Here With Your Seoul-mate!

in R2cornell3 months ago


I and my family are fascinated with Korean food. I notice recently, we are out eating on a weekly basis in a Korean buffet place like this. My favorite is a resturant called Romantic Baboy but we go around the metro to find other places and try them, too. It's a fun advanture. We enjoy doing it because we are a family of introverts and the situation now with Covid has caused this restaurants to be extra careful and just make sure only half or less than half of the capacity is accommodated. We like the social distancing and less interaction while we enjoy the savory and tasty Korean food.


Taking pictures of their food is enjoyable, too. It's difficult because when you see the food you are just to eager to munch them but you have to tell yourself you have to take some pictures to share on your blogs. How many of you can relate to this situation? I know right?



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