I Made My Own Rice Bowl - Restaurant Style

in R2cornelllast month


I made my own rice bowl. I'd usually just have this when I go to a restaurant but I imitated it here at home. I want my family to stop going out and eating out because in the situation of the Philippines, Covid has not slowed down, it has been getting worse despite us having the longest lockdowns imposed compared to other countries in the world.

I'm trying to perfect plating so it looks like we are eating in a restaurant. Today, I have Macau lechon over fried rice. Lechon is deep fried seasoned pork that I'm also good at making. I just have to watch Youtube to make it Macau style. Fried rice is easy to make, I have been making fried rice my whole life. Then I just had to put something green right there to make it more appealing and to balance the too much fat in the fried pork with veggies.

What do you think? I can be a chef, right?