Dumplings Overload

in R2cornelllast month


Chinese new year is approaching. I think it will be on the secons week of February. Me and my brother knows it will be a big thing and it would cause traffic in Chinatown, a place where we love to hang out and eat because we love dumplings. Yes, we are in love with dumplings since we were kids.



We decided to visit Chinatown and order a variety of dumplings all for ourselves before this district gets busy. My brother is a conscious eater but he has left this day as a cheat day because today is our dumplings day! This is how we bond. I love it when this happens, when he leaves his health conscious self and just eat a lot with me. My brother is the man! He is awesome and sweet like that. I appreciate this time with him. I do not mind paying for us both. This moment right here is precious!



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