An Impromtu Foodtrip With Friends At Home

in R2cornell2 months ago


My friends suddenly decided they would want to come and visit me for some reason. I was excited, it's not everyday that I see them so I was game for it. I ordered everything online and waited for them to arrive. They were not expecting this feast but what would we rather do. I do not want to get drunk anymore. I am more of a food tripper now than getting drunk and doing awful things kinda guy. That was so yesterday.

I'm gonna show them my pets, my new big ass TV that I got as a gift last Christmas and probably play some games on the console. It's going to be an afternoon of talk and catching up and probably some potential business partnerships on the side. Adulting it is. It's no longer the playful, young teens kind of gathering. This is more like talking who got married recently, who just gave birth, where in the world people are now, who migrated and where. Stuff like that. Damn, I feel so old.

I guess, adults could relate. I'm sure you do!


Very delicious looking food


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