A Typical Filipino Family Feast

in R2cornelllast month


I just had this new year gathering with relatives and it was in a form of potluck. We gathered in my aunt's house and it was just so fun. Very typical Filipino family with too much food, does not matter if it's healthy or not, just an overload of fatty and all the great food we can think of. Everyone brought their dish to brag and since we do not know how many will come, we just made it as many as possible. The food could last to feed us for days. Later, on we will bring them all home, Filipinos call it BH or bring home, when you pack leftovers in a party and bring them home to reheat and finish.

The party won't be complete without karaoke or videoke, it was eat and sing galore day for everyone. It's always fun and quality time when spent with family, I know you all would agree.



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