Beautiful Caterpillar

in R2cornell6 months ago

g8gfoj.jpgBeautiful caterpillar When I searched for an image for a post on Esteem I found this caterpillar. Certainly a unique sight because the caterpillar has long hair and beautiful body color I found on the leaves of a brown tree during a short break so I gave it its name with BEAUTIFUL On the other hand this caterpillar can be dangerous if it touches our skin because it will experience itching and red swelling on the skin. If there is a hairy caterpillar we should stay away from it otherwise itching on the skin that we get!5utftk.jpg





Indah that bg ulat cap nyan euhh😁😁🎷

Luar biasa ulatnyo bang

Hahahaha.... nyankeuh nyan bg😁😁

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Tak mengerti awak....

What is your connection to fuad1, & fuad2.

I am checking wallets of most posters here to make sure they are not vote farming. Are these multiple accounts?