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RE: The Wonders of Dialysis

in R2cornell3 months ago

Does this mean the only way to stop having to do dialysis is to get a kidney transplant?


Yes. Exactly. 😊

Whoa, that's hard then because you would need to have to have a matching kidney and then get the operation.

I hope Hive and other crypto allows you to get this done one day.

Thank you, by the way. Weird but I don't get this kind of support and understanding from family and people close to me. Hahaha! I appreciate the fact that you are a stranger and actually wish me well on this.

It's the least I can do. I know I can never feel what you are going through and would hate to be in your shoes. It's why I just wanted to wish you well.

Again I hope you will have the means to improve your health in the future.

That's the plan and I am working on it little by little each day.