I did it in 2020, and 2021 first Hive PUD Guessing Contest

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Happy new year everyone!!! This is my first post in 2021 and a great way to kick it off with a PUD post.

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About ten days ago I finally reached my goal to get to Orca status, da da!!!! How cool is that?! Ok maybe not if you're a whale or already an orca, but then you're the minority on Hive and see things differently from the rest of us 😃


December was a quiet month for me, I only made 12 posts, but I did create a new community (more on that in a minute). I had 51000 HP in the December PUD and have powered up considerably less than previous months, 448 HP to be exact of which 100 HP was powered up a few moments ago to support PUD. The biggest power up of 300 HP was made 10 days ago to get myself over the line to become an Orca, an early Christmas present for myself. My current HP is 52,915. Getting to my Orca goal doesn't mean everything stops. I will continue to keep my stake and power up what I earn on Hive.


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PUD Guessing Game

I will also be continuing with my PUD Guessing Game this year. I love hosting them as it gives me a motivation to find some interesting photos every month. I also love to see my friends, old and new join in to have some fun. Often a new unfamiliar name drops by and that's even better as it's a great way to meet new people on Hive.

Last month I started a Toys on Hive community https://peakd.com/c/hive-173630/created. Since I don't have any toys at home, I went out to buy something to play with.... a set of Tumbling Blocks, and I posted about it in the community. The idea of the game is you pile all the blocks in layers like a tall tower, and each layer has three blocks. Then you have take it in turns to remove the blocks one by one, and place them on the top. Whoever causes the tower to tumble over loses the game. If you haven't tried this before, I highly recommend it, it great fun!!!

This months PUD Guessing Game is How many blocks are there in this set? One big tip is that each layer has three blocks. I have put all the blocks out in four separate piles here so you can count them easier. And if you want an even bigger tip, you can check it my post.



Drop your answer below as a comment, and I'll be upvoting your answer with my mini Orca account 😆 💃 to encourage more people to join in the fun. The prize pool is 20 Hive for the person who makes the correct guess, and if there are more than one winner they will split the prize. The contest will close at post payout.

The Toys on Hive community currently has a Christmas Toys contest. You can share any stories related to Chrismas toys, a few ideas are anything you received or gifted, any toys you play with at Christmas, or any Chirstmas toys that have special meaning to you. As long as it's related to Christmas and toys, go for it and be creative. The contest closed on 4th January and you can check this post for more information.


Greetings, happy year 2021. There are 50 blocks

Happy new year to you as well. Good luck in your entry!

Congratulations on your Orca accomplishment! How exciting!

I haven’t had the chance to check out the toy community (possibly because my kids drive me crazy daily with not picking up their toys 😂) but I will get around to it. 😉

My answer: There are 54 blocks total in that set!

Thanks for the fun ~

I'm sure with all your kids you have some great toy stories to tell!

Thanks for entering!

Happy New Year!

There are 54...hopefully I do better this time..

Congratulations on your new status and the community. may 21 be a good year!

Happy new year Fiona! And I wish you the best for the new year as well!

Hey! Happy New Year and congrats on the Orca status!

My guess is that there are 54 blocks on this set.

Hi @arrliinn happy new year to you as well! And thanks for your wishes.

Happy New Year! Congratulations on becoming an Orca 🥂, what a great way to start 2021!

I'm guessing 57 blocks in total for one set?

Thanks Arni, need to finish off 2020 with something happy, hope it will continue

Definitely 54 in the whole set! I have this game too ha! :D

Thanks for entering again Gabby!!!!

Hi dear


Happy new year and May your year be an orca going back to Taiwan because she is able to travel

And we know it’s 54 as I told you we have on th toy blog we have that game aswell in a brown color and we made a deal to make a picture so proof of stake 😉 is here


Hello 😜 let's play what fun.

Analyzing the question and looking at the photos with a little bit of logic I am sure that there are 48 blocks in the whole set that you show in the picture.

That is the correct answer although it seems that I am against most of them, I will believe in me 😜😉 thanks for the guess and fun. 😘😘😘 @livinguktaiwan

Believe in yourself Ana Marie, that's most important of all!!!

I was literally opening my jaw wide when I saw 51000 HP at first and then I saw 52915 HP.
Like what the!😂
Oh, I tried exploring the Toy on Hive community but I didn't know what to do to be a part of it being that I have no toys with me presently.
Or can I use anything kids play with as toys?🤭
Oh before I forget, congratulations on becoming an Orca though I don't even know what that means.

As for the blocks, I think it's 54.

Yes, anything that you or kids can physically play with, can be something you used to play when you were younger ie childhood memories or something that you own now or used to own. The only areas that I'd like to stay away from are toy reviews for things that you haven't purchased yet, and online games, so your VR headset is a toy but not the online games you play with. Hope that helps.

Hope you're enjoying yourself on Hive so far,

Hello, My answer is : 60 blocks in total

Here I leave you a message that came from my heart and I want to share it with all of you, thank you. and Happy New Year to everyone !!!!

Hi there @vida-blanca thanks for entering, and happy new year to you as well

Hi @livinguktaiwan,
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Greetings! it is great...

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Welcome to the orca pod! I hope to see the numbers increase a lot this year. We can help spread the rewards wider.

Have a great 2021.

It's great to join the gang at last Steve!

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And I will share the contest in the terminal as usual

Thanks Britt as always!

Dear it’s my pleasure