The Winner of our weekly Model Contest

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And the winner is...



The community has chosen the fourth participant for the Model of the Month contest starting tomorrow. It is @gigiii with only one vote ahead of @tefyard. Congratulations to her victory and the 3 HIVEBasicIncome shares as a price.

It would be wonderful to see @gigiii subscribing to our Model-Agency Community (hive-151070) in order to increase her winnings and to post her content directly into our community. We will see @gigiii in the finals for the Miss September Contest this weekend. Congratulations!

And the winning vote comes from


The winning comment, drawn by Steem random picker was @pereu4ivatel, who also signed up to our Model Agency Community (hive-151070) and therefore was rewarded with 2 Hive Basic Income shares. Congratulations!

Please be aware of the coming Model of the Month September contest and give your vote to your favourite. There are HBI shares to win and a lot of fun to gain.

Have a nice day.

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