The Winner of our weekly Model Contest

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And the winner is...



Our third winning models for the month of September is @imadear. She got huge support from her community and almost doubled the number of votes that went in for the second place. Congratulations to her victory and the 3 HIVEBasicIncome shares as a price. It would be wonderful to see @imadear subscribing to our Model-Agency Community (hive-151070) in order to increase her winnings and to post her content directly into our community. We will see @imadear in the finals for the Miss September Contest end of this month. Congratulations!

And the winning vote comes from



The winning comment, drawn by Steem random picker was @vimukthi, who also signed up to our Model Agency Community (hive-151070) and therefore was rewarded with 2 Hive Basic Income shares. Congratulations!


Please be aware of this week's Contest and give your vote to your favourite. There are HBI shares to win and a lot of fun to gain.

Have a nice day.

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