Please welcome @angelescats - Her Excellency MISS August 2020

in Model-Agency6 months ago

Hello, my dear Members of the Model-Agency Community,

Miss AUGUST 2020 is finally elected. It is



As you can see from the voting results below, it was a very clear decision. It may have helped that @angelescats was very active to engage with her voters and replied their thanks to a lot of them.


Congratulations to her victory and the 10 HIVEBasicIncome shares as a price. It would be wonderful to see @angelescats subscribing to our Model-Agency Community (hive-151070) in order to increase her winnings in the future and to post her content directly into our community.


We have also a winning Voter! It is


The winning comment was drawn by Random picker as usual. @ili0braz will receive 10 HBI shares as he is a member of our Model-Agency Community (hive-151070) and therefore is eligible to double his winnings. Congratulations!

Please be aware of this week's Contest and give your vote to your favourite. There are HBI shares to win and a lot of fun to gain.

Have a nice day.

Your instagram-models


OMGGGG muchisimas gracias <33333333