Brave NYC Activist Shreds Gender Propaganda Posters in Subway Car



I want to start by saying that the destruction of property is a crime. Also, freedom of speech doesn't mean that you have the right to destroy other people's property. What this woman was tearing down was an ad that OkCupid paid to have displayed on NYC property.

I know it seems simple to point out this seemingly trivial detail, but the schools are teaching bullshit nowadays, and therefore children have no moral foundation to stand on. Property rights are of great importance, and If a person were to enter into someone's private property and start to destroy something, that's a recipe for getting shot!

The last thing I would want to do is laud what this lady is doing. I say this, even though, were I one of her jurors, I would nullify her crime in a nanosecond with a not guilty verdict. So here you might find yourself confused, I just said that destruction of property is a crime, but I also said that I would vote this woman not guilty.

Am I highly illogical, inconsistent, or is there a method to my madness and reasoning? To answer your questions: No, Yes, and Yes. Allow me to explain if you will. Anyone can legally nullify a Jury. There is crime and punishment. However, they don't necessarily have to go hand in hand.

The legal system often isn't fair, and nowadays, we see more and more that it gets used as a weapon to destroy the political enemies of the party that has captured the highest office. When you come to terms with the fact that the world isn't fair and the justice system is getting abused and politicized, the onus is on us to cause balance when and where we can.

Let's first examine the woman's motives. She was addressing the fact that the posters are propaganda. In my opinion, there are two types of propaganda, good propaganda, what I call properganda, and then you have bad propaganda. As far as evil propaganda is concerned, Nazi Germany comes to mind. Good propaganda might take the form of a public awareness campaign against smoking.

The propaganda this woman was targeting is particularly insidious and destructive to boot. It's the gender conspiracy that has taken the world by storm. From a very young age, our children are now getting taught that gender is a spectrum. Instead of male and female, children are getting told to pick one out of 100 or more made-up genders.

I don't know about you, but being a kid was confusing enough. Just trying to find your place in this world can be a daunting task. One of the questions I hated the most was the dreaded "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I find the question just as impossibly frustrating now as I did back then, and maybe that's because it's not a good question at all.

It's a loaded question that implies people are their occupation. Maybe that's what frustrated me so, that people were trying to turn me into a job. I was just a boy, now a man, and I still don't want to get transformed into an occupation. Perhaps a more appropriate question to ask a child is what do you want to do for work when you grow up? Or what kind of work do you think would be your cup of tea?

Now you just saw my frustration with one simple and often repeated question. The damn thing was like Chinese water torture when I was a kid. But thankfully, I never really had to have an answer for it, and or I could make some shit up as a clever placeholder, and no one would be the wiser.

Now replace that God-awful question with: What gender are you? Or, what are your preferred pronouns? If you think that question that tormented me as a child caused a bit of an issue, imagine the psychological complexes we are giving children by inventing 120 new genders and demanding that they choose one and memorize all the pronouns for all the "new" genders.

It's fucking stupid. Not only is it fucking stupid, but it's also child abuse. This topic started with the concept of the destruction of property. However, think carefully on this, what's the most precious property of a mother or father? The most precious property of a parent is the minds and physical well-being of their children. And it's their solemn duty to safeguard their child's mind so that when they grow up, they can deal with the shit sandwiches that life has to offer.

Among many other sayings and ideas, Aristotle is known for saying: "Give me a child until he is seven, and I will show you the man." The saying speaks to the fact that early conditioning is pivotal in childhood development. Having been a latchkey kid makes me a testament to this fact. And this makes me acutely aware that our early programming plays a crucial role in who we ultimately become as adults.

That said, in this woman's world, perhaps she is a mother, and she notices what her children are going through in school. Their minds are getting warped, and their brains are getting damaged. They are getting brainwashed into accepting the "new freedom" of being weird and twacked out of their minds 24/7.

If you're one of those pink and purple-haired people eaters and your scoffing or triggered at what I just said, I'm going to have to have you listen very closely to this next part. You didn't discover any new freedoms with your gender identities and pronouns. You're just fucking weird. Stop it! Weird's been around forever, it's not new, it's not cool, per se, and nobody is going to put a little respect on it for you.

Respect gets earned by your merit, and that's derived from the quality and content of your character. You will not get any respect from real people based on how your genitals identify today. Nobody gives a shit. You're not that important, and we don't care what turns you on or off. And you can stop shoving your pronouns down my throat. That's my private property, and I'll use it how I please.

If you are a decent person, and I think that you genuinely identify as this or that, I'll probably use your preferred pronoun. Especially if I think you are putting forth an effort. But if you're an educated fool, trendy, non-binary, disingenuous fuckwit-poser who's overly self-satisfied with your race and gender studies degree and fashionable neon hair. I'll most likely fart loudly in your general direction after intentionally misgendering you.

So there you have it, that's my opinion on the gender conspiracy. Also, I believe that much of this propaganda got designed to give ChemChina legal cover for their atrazine product which is chemically damaging the gender of children worldwide. Now that an entire generation has gotten brainwashed into embracing getting gender-bent by the Chinese, and now that gender identity has become a new faux civil right, the chances of ever successfully suing ChemChina into oblivion becomes slim to nil.

So yeah, even though that woman did a bad thing by destroying someone's property, she's also doing a public service against an insidious conspiracy that aims to destroy not only the minds but also the bodies of our nation's children. Thus, I see punishing this woman for her crime as a crime against humanity. The quicker this conspiracy against the children is exposed, the more healthy we can become as a nation.

The moral of this story is that race and gender studies and critical theory have no business in K-12. We need to ban China's atrazine from our waterways. And employers ought to be able to reverse-discriminate against prospective employees based on the applicant's college miseducation. It used to be that not having a degree was a recipe for failing in life. Many wise employers are quickly learning that this rule has now gotten turned on its head.

Last but not least: The two twitter videos that led into this rant—that was some of the most inspirational properganda that I've seen this year! Shame on that woman for destroying private property and good on her for fighting the alien invasion that is seemingly hell-bent on destroying the minds, bodies, mental well-being, and sanity of our nation's children.

They are supposed to be our future, but now we're looking at two to three generations of destroyed individuals who won't be able to cope with reality when it arrives to smack them across the face and tell them that they're not so special after all. This recipe for disaster is a literal ticking time bomb, and all of society will ultimately pay the price as these individuals enter the workforce with their failed ideological distortions.

Thanks for stopping by!


Bloody trannies...



The way I look at it is that some people legitimately suffer from gender dysmorphia. They go and have life-altering surgeries and do their best to try and become a man or a woman. I got nothing against these people if it comes from a legitimate place, and so long as they're not demanding that I turn my life upside down to accommodate theirs.

However, with the millennial class came this weird virtue signaling, theories on privilege and marginalized groups, and that some people should get held in different regard based on how marginalized they are. Thus began the victim Olympics, and since everything has become a power game (or grab) for these Marxist twats, seeking out the "powerful" and most marginalized identities is how to "win" this new and retarded game of theirs.

The notion of merit and getting gud at life has gotten erased from their vernacular or never installed in the first place. And this is in exchange for becoming the loudest and most whiney bitches on the planet. I'm obese, so put me on a pedestal and worship the ground below my feet. Oh yeah, I'm black, gay, and got dropped on my head as a baby, so you must worship me. Hold up, I'm "non-binary," and my vagenis is both a teepee and a wigwam.

And there you have it, last year's winner, until something even more stupid gets invented for people to take all too seriously. Seriously, these people sit in their homes and their classrooms and try and think up new ways to be the weirdest thing ever so they can be most marginalized and earn some privilege points from their peers for being the weirdest fuck around.

Somewhere along the line, they got the game all fucked up. Back when I went to school, you tried not to be weird. People mostly wanted to fit in, get along with others, and not stick out like a sore thumb. But now, the systems of educations are teaching people discrimination. Be rude and uncaring to this person because they are a straight white male, and meanwhile dote upon this other people because they're confused about what gender they want to be.

It's no wonder why kids are doing this shit. The teachers are training them in the classroom that everything is a power struggle, and to get the most power, you have to get as fucked up and weird as humanly possible and treat it all very serious-like. Case in point below. So yeah, we never should have let the communists infiltrate the teaching positions in the schools. They took a giant dump inside the heads of developing youth, and I'm not sure that all the deprogramming in the world will be able to put them back together again.

Suffice it to say: I don't have a problem with legit lesbians, gays, or trans people who aren't playing clown games. But once I get a hint that someone is clowning me with power games about however their gender identifies, that's when I lose all tolerance for them and their bullshit.


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