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I’ve been on holidays for a bit and decided to give posting a rest for a week but I’ve still been curating and reading. One of the interesting things I have noticed over the past week is the growth of the POB token and the POB community. There have been a few other tribes start up lately but none have been quite as successful as the POB tribe and I am trying to figure out why this might be.

For example, the BLOGTOKEN tribe began around October last year. It is similar in that it is a blogging token and can be used on any post but its value is small. One of the reasons I put this down to is the fact that the supply is huge and tokens continue to be created by the owner. This tribe seems to be just trying to sell tokens for profit with no roadmap at all.

Another new tribe is the MusicForLife tribe using the VIBES token. This tribe has been backed by some well known users and has a roadmap and specific reason for content. It’s token price is similar to POB and it’s token is capped at 21 million, the same as POB. It can be mined through the VIBESM tokens with a limited supply released each day.

From these two examples, it seems to me that having some scarcity to your token is one of the main reasons to see value grow in the token. Another is that there is a strong community willing to support the token and encourage growth as well.

There are a lot of different tribes popping up and I am enjoying seeing the growth in this area. I’ll continue to curate content under the POB token as a larger holder and grow my stake to help spread the POB token to a number of users out there. I always upvote comments on my posts as well as this normally gives some tokens to others who are engaging in the community or are new and I want them to get involved.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

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The pob token is new and its low supply as you say will surely raise its price, something similar may happen with the VIBES token, they are new tribes and we will see what direction they take this year

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both are cool tribes!

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I am curious. How does the vibes token reach 21,000,000? Does it work nearly exactly like bitcoin or POB or is it different some how? POB token halves the issuance rate exactly every four years, bitcoin nearly every four years.

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we won't in this life, we have a 21% deflation event each 2 months and half :)

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You should have all of the Vibes distributed in just over three years. How many digits does it have?

MonthAmount to issueTotal Issued from Month 0

Mmm thats incorrect, actually our inflation is around 1500 vibes per day (between all the ecosystem) also you can check all the info and development in this hive profile @al-gaming. That inflation will be reduced each 2.5 months by 21%. So we technically have enough coins for centuries. Plus we have 8 decimals

I'm pretty sure I'll be around in 2025. I don't think you read my article on geometric convergent series.

what i dont understand is why


needs to be issued, i mean that doesnt have any sense in our actual numbers.

We have been live for around month and half and our inflation has been (without taking the initial suppl) only of 63,232.

Im sure we have enough coins for many lifes haha

After reviewing my own notes, I noticed I made a mistake (sigh on a blockchain too). I had to multiply the issuance period by 0.79 rather than 0.21. Reduction by 21% means to multiply by 0.79. So, now looking at things after that correction, I would have expected your community to get 4.41 million in the first 76 days. That is not consistent with 1500 / day. Is there an initial supply given for the founder or some fund account?

yeah 100k were issued in the launching. between airdrops,team,investors, etc.

VIBES is released through Mining and proof of brain. Not sure if there are other methods?

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I was wondering more about the scheduling of it. You can get to Bitcoin's total life time supply in many different ways. Instead of halving the rate of issue every four years, A coin could be setup so it could drop 20% every year, say. Every schedule can be accommodated for 21,000,000.

Having a small cap for the token is a huge deal. Take a look at the SPORTS token and what the total number of tokens is and then look at the price. If you don't put a ton of thought into your token before you launch it, it can have a huge impact on the success of your tribe. It can be fixed after the fact with burns and stuff, but it is far better to have a good plan going in.

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I'm not a great connoisseur of the tribes in Hive, but from my point of view what makes the POB really different is the way the coins are planned. The fact that it follow the trail of Bitcoin makes it really interesting and gives the project a lot of foundation to grow. And also the fact that you can only mint through voting and curation gives the power to the community to decide which way the project will go.

But again, I'm not very knowledgeable of all the tribes, just a thrilled fan of POB.
Thanks for sharing and bringing this topic up!
Keep posting and keep shining!

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This tribe's deflationary economics similar to bitcoin is what drew me here. So many tribes are cookie cutter versions of Hive that it's hard to stand out. I like HIve but I also like trying new things.

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