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Did you know? Your life can be a lot better if you start earlier to build nice rapport with people.


I grew up with a sort of orientation that made me keep my distance from people. I remained a reserved person throughout my growth process. l never saw the need to be more expressive of my thoughts or opinion. I just lived in my little world.

Can you imagine how it feels to live everyday without having first hand experience of what it means to build nice relationship with people?

Many of us already know how it feels. You can liken it to the feeling you had when lockdown measures were adopted worldwide. Every day ends up feeling the same. That is exactly how my life has been until 3 years ago.

With that in mind, I just wish l spent more time NETWORKING.


Here is what Networking entails:

Networking is about establishing a relationship with people you cross path with, exchanging information and building your connection across different industry and professional bodies.

I've come to realise that networking is at the core of career development, widening of knowledge, personal development and establishment of profitable relationships. Networking opportunities can be seen everywhere for anyone that cares to look and work towards building a network for himself.


The thing about networking is that it doesn't have anything to do with buttering people up. You just have to be ready to hold a decent conversation with a stranger and create room for more interaction on the long run.

The Old Me vs The Networking Me:

The old me would have locked myself in the four walls of my apartment while staring at the ceiling and painting mental pictures of ridiculous things -that was the perfect weekend for me. I would rather fake news people in a bid to be excused from any expectation of attending social gatherings.

At the moment, all l do is to let out a smile whenever l try to draw a comparison between this new me and the old me.

Life wasn't always this bright and promising. I'm glad that l made a personal resolution to step out of my conservative lifestyle and embrace this new version of myself.

l made myself available to build nice rapport with people and l like the direction that this decision is leading me to. That's it! Networking is something l wish l spent more time on. The good news is, I'm already revamping my life.

Is there anything you wish you spent more time on?

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I know a lot of people who don’t find it easy to connect with others. I guess I’ve gone back and forth. I don’t think of “networking” much as a responsibility. I just try to remember that I can bring the fun and I can bring the awesome and it usually results in good things coming my way too so why wouldn't I ?

Building nice connection with people is a good thing but it is not very easy for many people.

People like you that do it daily already know the benefits attached to reach. It will be impossible to work as a Coach the way you do without being able to build a nice network.

Well Done Bro

I used to be terrible with people though, I think that’s why I can be a coach, I know both sides very well 😃

Networking makes one to be able to gain knowledge and also share knowledge with others ,it helps you to become a better person in life,it helps you to have a life of great is also fun too....@kenechukwu97

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Exactly... The fun part of networking has a lot of benefits attached to it.

It makes it easier for us to have people to talk to if we are confused about anything or when we see a profitable opportunity.

You know, some people have been socially active since birth. People like that may not fully understand what it means to live a solitary life. It's not easy at all.

Thanks for your comment.

For some time now I have realized that if you do not know how to relate to people you lose many opportunities, because although we should not depend on anyone there are situations in which teamwork can bring greater benefits, not only for one but for the whole community.

Benefits attached to socializing with people are quite a lot. It opens doors to limitless opportunities -& much more

I've also noticed that the connections we have to people will make them to keep you informed about opportunities even when you didn't specifically ask for it.

Apart from all these, I believe that it also gives a different type of feeling to know that we are not alone in this world. Of course, this can only be experienced when we are actively socializing with people

I've always had a hard time connecting with people, which results in me having no actual friends. I don't miss it all that much, but I do recognize the benefits that come with knowing many people. It's easier for me to do some networking online, so I'm happy to live in a time where that is a realistic option. Still, social activities in whatever way drain my energy, which means it'll never really become easy for me. Even just writing replies here on Hive can be quite taxing, although it is sometimes rewarding (and people deserve the interaction on good posts).

Anyways! I agree with you, but it's not something I can do much of. I'll just keep trying a little and aside from that, I'll enjoy my peace and quiet :-)

That's pretty much the same thing that I've experienced. The old me would never summon courage to interact in a virtual platform like this. It's not that I don't have something to offer. I often preferred being in my own little circle.

I'm not yet all-in about jumping into social interactions just for the sake of doing it, but I've been able to build nice rapport with people virtually. I may never meet these people physically but it just feels good to have this type of connection.

People deserve the interaction on good posts

No doubt about that. Like I always say, "quality post deserves quality comments and quality comments deserves quality-feedback" lol.

Thanks Dear

There are those that grow, and those that stagnate. It's nice to read your growth story.