Full Package | With all the information on ground, what would be your next line of action?

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So, we are all in agreement that "Information is key to success", right?

I'm not sure of the exact year but this is a quote l first heard since childhood and it's still on people's lips to date.

Sometimes, l find it hard to accept how successful someone can be just by being informed. Other times, l just embrace the quote because it was said by a prolific person whose name would be remembered in a history book.

A lecturer l met in my university days held this "information-success" quote in high esteem. She made us go the extra mile before we could pass Financial Management, one of the major course for anyone studying Banking and Finance.

I can still recall how she made sure every one of us did stuff like;

  • Watching Youtube videos
  • Reading different textbooks (in addition to the ones authored by foreign writers)
  • Listening to podcasts
  • Attending Industrial Training, etc.

That sounds like a full package, isn't it?


By the end of the course duration, the learning process made it easier for me to confidently hold on to my pen and give her back what I've been storing in my memory.

It was a period of "garbage in, garbage out" so, why not? I had the information, l had a pen and l got myself a good grade.

Truth is, l wasn't the only one that had access to this information yet, we recorded above 35% failure in the course.

They had the information, why didn't they succeed?

Without any attempt to point accusing fingers at the lecturer or any supernatural being -like we always do in this part of the world, let me tell you why people still fail despite being informed.

The question is not about how informed you are. It's more about how you choose to utilise the information.

Having all the information on earth and hoarding it in your brain wouldn't make you any better than you have been since the onset. You would just be like a librarian who has access to information but fails to do the needful.

With that being said, anyone that wants to be successful can go ahead and get information but never be relaxed until you put the information to good use.

Information can only be key to success when used accordingly.

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I get stuck in a research spiral often, and although I read a ton of information, watch all the videos on a certain topic I only store small snippets of that as my mind desperately tries to connect things and make memories. When you just learn the theory without reinforcing it in some manner you will always have uncertainty and never truly understand the information at such a level that you can easily explain it to others. I think because although you can recall it all you do not understand it yourself even.

Fair enough many subjects work well with just being able to recall things even science and math and too far down the line do people realise but they never truly understood any of it because they were never really pushed to show that understanding over just regurgitating info.

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Just for the sake of passing exams, we did alot of 11th hour reading. We did other crazy stuffs and l would say that most of those things are now walking different ways from us.

The practicals was never a thing over here.
We still got the info but failure to take extra measures would make the info useless.

Theories and praticals can't be overlooked. Both needs to be fitted in accordingly

You have said it all. Just having access to information allow doesn't guarantee success. One has to put all that he knows into good use before they can succeed. It is a garbage in, garbage out sydnrome.

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Lolll....the type of "garbage in garbage out" we see at the moment is ridiculously funny.

What more can we do?
We just have to know the right thing and stick to doing it.