POB : Eid-ul-Azha , first day is over...!

Hello everyone ,
How are you all ? I hope everyone reading here are fine and safe at their location.

Well finally the day has ended and it's already 1:00 AM here in India , as you all know it was Eid ul Azha today and that's why i was really busy.

I took this shot in the early morning after i took bath and was ready with my Eid dress.


Anyways , after a very busy day finally i am on my bed ready to take some rest. though it was a busy and tiring day but my day went really well.

My body is paining like anything and again tomorrow my relatives will be coming at our place to meet us on the second day of Eid.

so that's why some rest is necessary for me so that i can prepare everything well for all my relatives coming tomorrow. Thankfully i will not have to go out for anything now as i have brought everything today itself.

I won't be writing much guys as i am tired so that's all for this post.

Thank You and Good Night 🌃

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