Reminiscent_ (An Original Poetry)


With you..
is where my smiles begins,
as a familiar nectar
brewed of fine wine.
it reminds me
of the junctures
where the road curves
and the scintillating scent
of home, gently simmers
into the nostrils.

Into your embrace
is how life begins
like the guiltless beam
of a new born.
it sparkles as a new day,
tingling my eyes.
The beauty of love,
floods my eyes
with stinging strands
of the sweetest tears.

From within,
The kindest fire
begins to kindle.
I watch keenly,
how you ceaselessly
glow without effort,
it ravages the soul
in the smallest of ways
putting sugary tales
at the tip of the tongue.

On one beautiful day,
I see the gleams,
the twinkles,
of the morning orange sun
beaming in glee,
it reminds me of hope.
the urge to picture
your endless courage
written boldly on the skies.

Within your smiles
lies the key to ecstasy
a door, gently opening
to paradise.
a sad sud song..
finding its way
to the chords of my guitar.
and finally..
I have begun to imagine you
evaporating from my grasp
like a memory never lived.

To erase your memories,
from the darkest depth
of my shallow heart
feels like snuffing out,
the joy of being alive.
it is like watching moments
go ablaze,
obliterated from the mind
in a warm fuzzy frenzy

Poetic Adulation & Appreciation

Reminiscent is a poem written in a pensive mood. The poet persona is relishing the beautiful moments of when he fell in love, how these feelings created moments, instants and memories inside him, how it actually hurts, but at the same time, feels strangely beautiful. The first verse gently describes this estranged love as the feeling of home it paints sympathetic imagery and relates them to the olfactory senses, capturing a more captivating feeling of that sense of loss to be felt. It's however rather different with verse two. Here, he reiterated that embracing that person feels like being born and how familiar and safe it feels when one is engaged in an embrace that makes them feel safe. Here, he makes a case with a baby.

Verse three, depicts fire, the burning sensation that is often synonymized with love. Here, the poet persona talks about telling tales that has to do with love and how he's come to be engulfed into the mindfulness. The impact and the result. However, it's always important to hold hope, especially when one can't seem to forget the impact of a once beautiful feeling in their life. Here this hope is represented by natural phenomenon such as the sun, setting every single day and bringing hope to light.

The second to the last stanza is filled with more pensiveness as this could be seen in the poet persona's use or choice of words to paint that emotion of loss, especially when one knows they're going to lose someone they love, and they're powerless about it. It hurts so much that it begins to feel like that those wonderful moment weren't really there in the first place. The last verse further made more emphasis to his feelings. Here, he talks about the joy of being alive, he ties this joy to the existence of this person. At the end of the days the poem ended rather sadly, despite the glimpse of hope it had earlier portrayed.

Written by @Josediccus


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I wish it didn't have to end sadly but who are we to judge the affections of the person to which we are in love or infatuated with.

They are bound to change depending on circumstances or self realization.

I hope that all of us will find love that stick to us no matter what

That way the feeling of safety in their arms, love, and embrace will be there forever

Well done poet.


Yeah, nevertheless it ended sadly because it's a clear representation of what reality truly is. I was trying to paint a vivid expression of how it is to feel somewhat inclined to people and watch them cascade into mindlessness, you try to reach them and they've travelled far beyond reckoning. Thanks for your appreciation of the piece.


I was trying to paint a vivid expression of how it is to feel somewhat inclined to people and watch them cascade into mindlessness, you try to reach them and they've travelled far beyond reckoning.

And you did great with your writing. Kudos to you