Which Shitcoin Should I buy? Fullsend, Spore, Bonfire or Which one?

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I have realized that however strong you are in crypto, there is always that time you will be tempted to Fomo in on something!

I am sure some of you reading in FOMOed into BNB a few weeks ago when it was going insane and I also know that some of you have FOMOed into Dogecoin hehe.

I have/had been resisting the urge to FOMO into the shitcoin crazy that has been making rounds, I finally FOMOed into them too.


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After the "success" of Safemoon, many such shitcoins have sprung up and I have failed to keep up.

Someone said that we only need one of these shitcoins to make it hahaha.
I vividly remember Safemoon being shilled on Facebook and Twitter and I just ignored it thinking that it can not make insane moves!!

Safemoon has made close to 100x in the last 2 months!!


As you can in the above image months ago, Safemoon was $0.00000004 and currently trading at $0.000004 at the time of this writing.

People have made bank through this shitcoin that has a trading volume of $41M as of today!!

I just checked through the historical data and it once had a trading volume of $491M!!!

The "success" of Safemoon that has a supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 has prompted the birth of many such coins that mostly trade on the Binance smart chain on Pancakeswap.

There are new shitcoins that have sprung up and I am failing to choose the"best" next Safemoon hehehe.

We have Full send, Shibu Inu, Ass, Safejesus, bonfire, spore, eclipse and many others that I might not have heard of yet!

So I FOMOed into Fullsend after failing to get into ASS .
Fullsend has been dropping though and it currently has a marketcap of $8M at a current price of $$0.00000000885338 according to Poocoin App


I am now confused on which other shitcoin to put in some small money.
I have been seeing a lot of buzz/shilling on Spore,Bonfire,Shibu Inu,Ass....

I welcome any suggestions from you in the comments section

Jarau Moses

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My answer is buy Proof of Brain, but everyone is biased. What's the point of Safemoon? You might just fall on your Ass.

Yeah Proof of brain is a great deal if it continues with its upwards momentum

Lot of shitty projects out there. One have to thorough due diligence to avoid/reduce falling into bad projects

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