POB "worst answer only" Competition

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Ok so I have never run a competition before so bare with me (or help hints are welcome) . I thought I would try to bring a little fun to the community given the 1 HIVE mark with a "worst answer" competition.

So the questions is..

"What will Proof of Brain look like in a year?"

Ok so the prize, given the recent rise in POB hopefully this will be incentive enough.

1st 10 POB
2nd 5 POB
3rd 1 POB

To enter simply write your answer in the comments below, only 1 entry per person please but you can edit up to the close date which will be 7 days. Winners will be chosen by me :)

Open to everyone!

My art :)

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Hehe, wow just found out it passed 1 hive thanks to your post that's cool! So for my entry:

1 year from now, life will be very different from how we know it now. As half way through the year POB passed bitcoin and has moved on to dwarf it and most other cryptos (only doge and pizza are left as some sort of competition).

While much has been automated and half the world is ran by AI the vast majority of wealth in this world is locked in POB stakes. AI has tried to get rid of the human race altogether but has failed in this regard. The AI needs access to the POB community but can't seem to pass proof of brain since.. well it's not an actual brain just artificial. So in short you could say we humans bought ourselves safe passage and a chance at life thanks to POB!!

POB=life :-)

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Glad it was usefull! Love the answer basically the start of a sci-fi novel!

Thanks, definitely a wrong answer, I hope xD

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Your answer is Good Night
You are a Great Idea
I think this answer should get Tokenised by the Token Association of Tokenistan
God bless you and your thoughts
Your words made a lot of information about the falling in love conspiracy of Osama
Things will get back to normal just have patients in your room

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This is my answer: Obsolete.

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Succinct but good answer, thanks for joining!

I like the competition, here goes my entry:

In one year POB will be the new reserve currency of the world, the whole world will be just writing POB posts on hive, the hard work gets done by machines that repair themselves by now.

Love it! thanks for joining the comp (and inspiring me to try out a comp)

happy to inspire, I think this is a much better competition than just betting on the LEO price, but it is rough to always come up with a new idea, looking forward to the next one ;P , oh and to your winner announcement of course!

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Where were you these days, scientists are finding you for a answer which is yet to be discovered

What a brain tumor cells you have in your imagination generating such tasty shits making lives wonderful on YoYo Land

You are Captain YoYo of my life

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Worst answer only? That's great!

One year from now POB will have successfully proven brain. With the proof complete, there will no longer be any use for the token.

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Brillant, we killed POB! thanks for joining!

Damn. I'm not even going to try to beat that. Well done.

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Amazingly Amazing
The Brain you have is full of Gems like a great man who knows the true meaning of life and the other platforms
You should visit Mars they have a Vaccine for your comments and suggestions
Fantabulously Fantastic answer and the way you took to the path of success in this Tribe is a hidden gem

Get well soon as possible and we can start a new idea

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At the end of this pandemic year proof of brain will need some brain surgery to be even more understanding and if you want the proof ride along and we will
Meet up in brain head office on 31st of December

Great, bad, answer! thanks for joining in on my first comp!

Lol..this really cracked me up

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My answer: in 1 year aliens will come down to check out planet Earth, discover POB and say :"why the f*** didn't we think of that!" So they come down and steal POB along with some Russian potato vodka to use as fuel on the way back. And some cigarettes. There's more vodka than they can carry so they spill the rest all over earth and then casually flick a burning cigarette out of the window as they leave. Their plan was to blow up the Earth to cover the fact that it was the Earthlings who came up with POB and not them. As the burning cigarette lands, they realise they didn't take the ozone layer into account and mixed with the extremely flammable Russian potato vodka it makes an explosion so powerful that it creates a black hole. The black hole eventually swallows the whole universe. The end.

Brilliant answer ! Thanks for playing!

Proof of Brain could become the new savings currency for Hive. Those who want the liquidity of liquid Hive but they want to get better value will buy POB. This is inspite of POB being over 100% inflationary today. On it's one year anniversary it will have 100% inflation. On the second year ann. 50% inflation. On the third, 33% inflation.
Finally on the fourth year anniversary it will have 12.5% inflation. Working out the rest with a spreadsheet on the eighth year anniversary of POB, we will have a 9% inflation rate for the following year, which is comparable to Hive but the year after that 4% for the next four years and of course only going down after that.

but this is actually a good answer.

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Force of habit.

WE become the new gold standard, love it! thanks for joining!

Ahaaahhhh waaaahhhh ouchhhhh

Your answer is giving heart attacks to the people of Shitzompa, please write shit they are not used to it

Such a great answer should get hanged

You don't have rights to write a great answer like this here!!! It's totally an outrageous work

Your answer is under arrest by the police of Shitzompa Land

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The proof of brain will become the next Bitcoin but basically utilized only by intelligent people who makes use of their brain to proof their intelligence because it is proof of brain...

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Nice! thanks for joining in!

PROOF OF INTELLIGENCE ! You got a winner there i think

Such an exponential growth comes in our way, POB takes over Spacecraft.

New meme alert!!

I know Elon Musk. I will tell him to leave doge and adopt POB.!!

instead of this.png

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Great meme work! Thanks for entering

Every single proof of brain token will be bought by one mega whale. Who will then promptly burn his stake, making Proof of Brain the rarest of all crypto with zero tokens in existences, zero in circulation, and 100% burned. This will of course make one Proof of brain token worth an infinity of USD.

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I love the rarest of cryptos! brilliant thanks for joining!

That's Awesome Idea my brother
Your imagination is generating a lot of information in new generation, having such a generator brain can you generate some more generously generous thought on how to generate more generous thoughts in generator brain of new generation?

This was a great work of Osama the generator of all generators

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Awesome contest!!! Count me in!!!

The only way to post here will be through mind control and curation only with telekinesis. Can't be more proof of brain than that!

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Love itttt! Thanks for joining!

Hey You
the duplicate guardian of galaxy I can control your mind with AC remote don't angry me writing such an awesome answer

Through my power of ancient telekinesis, I can see you tomorrow morning

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Pob will be on the moon $ 1000k

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wouldn't that be great.. or deadly!

WoW soo innocent cute little girl but baby on moon they don't use dollars

I'll tell tooth fairy to give you one extra chocolate for your innocence, Ok? Now go play

Ahhh Jesus, Today's kids are getting older so early!!

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In one year POB will become the universal currency of the world. POB 🚀🌒

There will be no more Facebook Instagram or any of the other social platforms just POB.
😁🤑😁 POB 💪

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brilliant! Thanks for taking part :)

😝 it was fun. Cool contest.

Like this due to the craziness that's happening here every day.


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Love that you added a pic! thanks for joining the comp

At the end of this pandemic year proof of brain will need some brain surgery to be even more understanding and if you want the proof ride along and we will
Meet up in brain head office on 31st of December

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My brain is unable prove a simple yet difficult and crazy part that how could you post same shit 3 times in one click? It's like going to bathroom and shitting in advance for next few weeks!! What a great Idea

I would nominate your idea for No-Bell Prize

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In about 8 months, the zombie apocalypse is in full force. Slowly but surely, all the brains become eaten and a zombie programmer somehow managed to change the name to "proof of digested brain".

Proof of Digested Brain: The currency of the new race (that is what the zombies call themselves)

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Love it! Wonder if it will have a growth or decay rate?

Congratulations on making this challenge for POB the members!

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Thanks, are you going to enter? Your really good with words so should be easy

Thank you for your invitation.
It is good to have others in and engage, people that don't have too much yet.
I have won a Hive global challenge today, being among the first 10 ppl in the world to talk about Hive on Twitter and other decentralized parts.

Once again, Bravo! Congrats on what you're doing!

Well done on your win!!

Thank you! XOXO

At the end of this pandemic year proof of brain will need some brain surgery to be even more understanding and if you want the proof ride along and we will
Meet up in brain head office on 31st of December

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I just came to say that your art is very unique and that I really like it! 👍

Good luck on the contest everyone.

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Thanks!! but do feel free to give the comp a try!!

Ahah thank you but I'm fine!
I'll hand that over to others.

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We reblogged this post!

Best of luck with your first community building competition. The competition sounds like a lot of fun with a side of folded over tummy laughs.

Hive Believer believes in you!!
Hive Believer believes in Hive!!
Do you believe?


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The suspense is killing me!!!! Who won?!?

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Funny you should say that I just posted the winners!


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I love this donut!
Take a sandwich!yummie

Glad you like it!