Aircoins , pokemon go for (obscure) crypto

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So today I started trying out the Aircoins app because, well, I'm a sucker for free crypto and I like walking.


Just like pokomon go you can spot coins on a local map, when you are within 80 meters you can use AR to spot coins floating in the air and grab them.

One of the coins you can grab, and you do get alot of, are the native Aircoin called AIRX which can either be sold or used for powerups like rainfall (lots of coin drop on your location.

So i have played for about 10 mins and here are my results


Approx value:
10 ATCN = $0.003
0.5 DGB = $0.035
0.4 Ethplos = $0.008
1 LYS = unknown
1 donut = $0.013
300 TRVx = unknown

375 AIRx the native coin = $0.015

So your not going to get rich but I have seen worse faucets

Also note at this time I not seen how to withdrawal from your wallet, the seem site suggests this is due to security upgrades but that always makes me nervous

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Ah, cool. Aircoins.
I have the app on my phone for over a year now and play every now and then.
The idea is really cool, but don't expect to get rich from it.
Unless you're really going to walk 10 K's every day to catch those coins.

But it's healthy and fun.

I just like getting random silly coins and might get me off the couch lol


"A group of teenagers have been trapped in a cave overnight at Shetcoyn Cove. It is being reported that they were looking for floating coins. The rescue team has been dispatched."


Cool idea. Maybe I will have to get my kids to go coin searching for me.

Love it ! Wish my little one was old enough to put them to work :)

This looks like fun.
We should be prepared for another Pokemon like run where everyone is trying to catch some coins while walking.
Be careful and be aware of people around you. 🤣🤣
I am also nervous about no instruction on how to withdraw the coins.
I already have enough coins sitting in god knows how many app/wallets that i can not use.
Tagging @guurry123, if you are interested.

Im normally the same way, I don't like to recommend an app until i have withdrawn from it to my own wallet, but this one did look kinda of fun

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 49 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

This looks fun! I might as well give it a go

Uits pretty fun while walking around

pokemon go would be great if it implemented a fraction of some token along with the captured pokemon