Indonesia: Unity In Diversity! How Diverse is Your Country

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Indonesia Is Big And So Diverse

Last week I am planning to make posts about the Balinese Culture, but before we move on into the Particular Balinese Culture I think its better to give a heads up about Indonesia in General, how big and diverse is Indonesia, as it also hold my beloved Balinese culture.

  • Location
    Indonesia is the one of the biggest archipelago in the world with 17.491 island across the country, and yes we have a lot of great beaches through out the archipelago. And that is also some other attraction for tourist to come and visit Indonesia.


  • We Have Thousands of Tribe
    Because of the numbers of island that Indonesia have, so does the tribe. Almost in each island has its own tribe, some island even has more than one tribe with its own culture and language. In total we have around 1.340 tribe in Indonesia. i am my self can't even talk to the people from Java or Lombok, the neighbouring island in our natives language.

  • Lots of language with one National Language
    With thousand of tribe in Indonesia we have 652 different local language witch still has its native speakers. There has been even more language, but these days those language has been gone as there are no more native speakers for those language. We have the Bahasa Indonesia as the National language which unite us all across Indonesia. But sadly they are also killing the local language.



  • Religions
    Indonesia have six officials religion, Islam, Christians, Catholic, Budha, Hindu, and Kong Hu Chu. While recently the government also allowed specials and old form of beliefs to be included in the ID. Islam is the largest religion in Indonesia, with the numbers of the people here, making Indonesia the Largest Islam Religion Believer in the world.


So then how diverse is your country? how many tribe, language are in your country? tell me more in the comment

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Brilliant piece of information about the Nation called Indonesia. I met a lot of indonesian citizens when i joined hive and its tribes. They are quite helpful and are leaders in communities like sportstalk.

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yes I there are many Indonesian who become a leader in several communities.
Great that you enjoy my post. :)

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 54 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

It seems you cannot have unity of language with some extinction of other minority languages.

Yeah true @leprechaun

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well some main cause of the languange to extinct is because there are not many people using it. and in some places using local langusge considered and old school. and also the declining number of that specific tribe also contributing to the extinction of the language