Bali, The Island of God

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The Last Paradise on Earth, Filled With Culture

Now comes the time to talk about Bali, as I will talk about the culture, people and lots of other things about Bali. Bali was declared as on of the Asia Top Destination in 2017 by Trivadvisor, the World Largest Travel Site.
Most of the people comes not just because of the beauty of the island, but the rich culture the sand has to offer. And a lo other activities that can be done during one's stay in the island.


  • Location
    Bali is one of the island making of the Indonesian Archipelago, situated between the Java and Lombok island, with Indian Ocean on the south giving its good waves for surfers on the southern beach of the island. Bali is also close Australia, making Australians one of the largest visitors to Bali.


  • The People
    The Native People are Balinese Tribe, with lots of other tribe from Java, Lombok, and other island which come to Bali to
    works in the tourism industry. There are also lots of expatriates who live in Bali, either for working or just to stay in Bali to spend their retirement. From the total 4 Millions people living inn Bali, also 86% are Hindus, followed by the Other religions. And because of that high percentage of Hindus, which making the tradition and the culture stay preserved and still being done until today.



  • Economic
    While a few decades ago, Bali still rely most of the economic from the agriculture, nowadays tourism has become the power house Balinese Economy. But With the covid Pandemic, Bali has really been greatly impacted by the travel restriction deployed by the government around the world.

  • Language
    The formal and officials language for Balinese is Bahasa Indonesia, just like what i have mention in the previous post. With Bahasa Bali is the local language for the Balinese Tribe. And because we are greatly influence by Tourism, English is also become the major language spoken by Balinese. Its is also common to meet Balinese who speak more than 3 language.

  • Culture
    Most of the Balinese culture are based on the Hindu Religions Teaching. The people are still in kind of feudal structure which comes from the caste system on the Kingdom Era, before the European Colonization mainly by the Dutch. We have lots of Dances which is mainly being perform on the temple area, or as the entertainment for the poeple, before it became it become commonly perform for tourist.
    In painting, most of the old Balinese painter are making painting based on the Hindus Literature, either its come from Mahabharataha or Ramayana or other folklore.

Balinese Dance perform for tourist)

  • Activities
    There are a lot of activities that you can do when you are visiting the island. First you can just stay and relax on the white beach on the southern part of Bali, where there are a lot hotels with direct view of the beach. Or if you are a surfer, you can try to conquer the big waves of the Indian Ocean hitting the rocky beach around Uluwatu.

If you are in love with architecture or old temple, then Bali has a lot of interesting temple to visit with the only design and motives you can only see in Bali. And because the sheer numbers of the temple, Bali are called the Island of Thousand Temple, Or the Island of God.


Want to try some hiking, Bali has Two actives Volcano which attract a lot of climber who want to see the sunrise on highest peak on the Island. We have Mount Batur, an Active volcano inside a big Ancient Batur Volcano Caldera, or The Mount Agung which is the highest place on the island. And Also both of the volcano are considered sacred by Balinese.

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Thank you for the quick tour of Bali. It looks like a beautiful place I would love to visit some day. :)

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its my pleasure to share about Bali. I will be sharing more about the places and also my culture
Please do come, when the pandemic is over. : )

Bali is one of the beautiful places in the world and I really loved visiting it during the pre-pandemic days. Indonesians are really very hospitable. Good post keep writing.

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So you have been to Bali before? I am really happy that you enjoy your time here.
please do come again when the pandemic is over.
seems it will be another year before we are finally able to open for tourist again.
let me know, maybe we can meet up :)

So you have been to Bali before? I am really happy that you enjoy your time here.
please do come again when the pandemic is over.
seems it will be another year before we are finally able to open for tourist again.
let me know, maybe we can meet up :)

Bali is beautiful place, I wish one day I can visit there to holiday Mas @ekavieka

Please do come to Bali when you have free time and you already return to Indonesia. Will wait for you here mbak. :)

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