Psychological benefits of Chess game (a proof of brain power)

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Chess is a game of the mind also know as the memory game. It is played both remotely and internationally mostly between two opposition parties where either one later turns out to be the winner of the game. Playing of chess game have been known to be a proof of brain and memory booster for decades. In this topic, we'll look into the benefit of chess playing. These include

1. Chess boosts your level of intelligence



For decades, chess has been known to be a memory game which requires several combinations of moves and potential outcome, and it's said to improve the level of your intelligence. Studies has shown through an experiment that those who constantly plays the chess game were more intellectual than those who never played and were able to possess the quality of discovering alternative ways to problem solving.

2. It boosts your problem solving skills



Chess game helps you find possible ways in solving a particular problem in the real world, making you think out of the box from the norms of finding solutions to a problem or challenge.

3. It boost your Creative ability



The more your advancement on a chess game, the more you're more creative in what ever you do. Many who are not aware of the worth of chess game sees it like a child's play, which is not in the real sense. Chess helps introduce more clues on how to optimize your skills in the true world. Being creative opens diverse doors for opportunities for you to display what you have in stock. It's indeed, a wonderful attribute.

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I'm a big fan of chess. Not a particularly strong player, but I love it anyway.

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same to here too. I'm still developing my skills in chess game and hope to be a pro later on. Thank you for the reblog @chasmic-cosm and nice to meet you.

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The chess game makes one become more intelligent especially when you play it consistently...

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Yes, that's very true @abundanceheart. I'm a beneficiary of such a great experience. It has lots of psychological benefits.

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