Prior Preparations Prevents Unwanted Predicament


Hello and welcome to my page. I'm @daniky and this is my 37th entry to the #pobdaily challenge, an initiative of @marvinix and @dwayne16. Kindly move on with me as i share briefly how the day went. Shout-out from Moses, my friend.


Photos taken with Android Umidigi A5-Pro

The day started so bright and clear as many hurried up to their various places of work. There wasn't an iota of rainfall all through the day but there were sensation of cold both in the early morning and at night. Below is a snapshot of the morning cloud i took with Android Umidigi A5-Pro.


Photo taken with Android Umidigi A5-Pro

During this period we all expect rainfall and most people were with their umbrellas (i wish i could take the snapshots as well). It's quite funny to realize that even at most times people hold umbrella, they end up not using it. So it'll become a load on the carriers. Otherwise, when they decide not to use the umbrella there usually used to be heavy rainfall. So, the code is always get prepared at all time because you never know what you might meet at anytime.

I'm using this medium to appreciate @marvinix and dwayne16 for this wonderful initiative and also wish to invite interested #hiveans to be part of this daily challenge.

Thank you for your time, love and support. Do have a wonderful moment.



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