Electric Power is of great importance and should be utilized Painstakingly


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My weekend was pretty awesome but would have been more awesome provided there wasn't an electric power outage. So no way to watch the day's sport leagues as there wasn't any bar in my battery. My sister's phone was down as well. Having experienced the moment of an electric power outage throughout the day, i can boldly say that it's even more better to install solar inverters at home for the sake of generating electric power supply. I had to visit a nearby hostel to boost my battery life. Imagine the situation we found ourself.

Well, to keep up the spirit, i had to take a brief moment to read a book titled "Say Yes!" written by Rick Renner from my personal library at home.


It's likely i discuss what i learnt from the book i'm reading on my next post so follow up for more updates and do have a wonderful moment.

I'm using this medium to appreciate @dwayne16 and @marvinix for hosting this wonderful initiative. I also wish to invite interested #hiveans to be part of this daily challenge.

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