Hidden Beauty in the Garden

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I am always looking forward to spring. I wait for my gray and sad little garden (actually my little yard) to enter the torments of making, because after the last snow there is always a birth. Every year nature is reborn with spring.

But after the first work in the garden, with the removal of the damage done by the snow and ice, I retire and let nature do the rest. I like to watch the first blades of grass appear, how the plants that slept during the winter grow. Perennials fall into a sleep-like sleep that turns into a resurrection every spring.

I prefer perennials for horses that do not require special care, they grow from us every year and, with each passing year, they become stronger and more beautiful.


The rose is one of the best examples. May is the time when they start to bloom and do not stop until the first snow falls on them. This is the first rose to bloom in my yard.


IMG_20210513_123642 (1).jpg

Apart from roses, however, there are a lot of flowers, smaller or larger that bloom, often hidden by the abundantly grown vegetation due to spring rains.




After seeing the garden come back to life ... my busy life made me pay less attention to what was going on behind the door. The hectic life and daily problems made me not see, even though I was looking. The silent flowers saw their life, sometimes very short without waiting for my attention. Suddenly I saw beauty everywhere ...



I was about to miss the moment. Just as I lost most of the years when my son was very young, he had just come into life and I lost the moments when he discovered the world, every day. I later realized that I don't remember his childhood. My son saved me now that he made me a grandfather. I sit daily with my granddaughter and watch it grow, discover the world. It's fascinating!


My granddaughter, Ilinca. Another flower!

I return to my flowers in the garden, ignored for the first time. Now I'm trying to fix this.




I forgot many of these flowers and now real revelations seeing that they exist in my garden. On other flowers, which I saw every day, I got so used to them being there that I didn't even notice when their time passed and they disappeared. There is this danger, to get so used to someone next to you that you do not notice a change until that someone disappears.




The beauty of these flowers reminded me of the danger of letting life pass me by, of being used to knowing that my loved ones are by my side so that I no longer give them the attention they deserve. Only because life is so hectic and draws us into its traps. I have to stop, rest, meditate and enjoy the loved ones around me. Starting or ending with my granddaughter, Ilinca. As she now announces that this post is over.




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This is how to create a post about taking photos of flowers. Excellent job. You have a beautiful variety there.

My grandparents love growing flowers and enter shows regularly. It's quite amazing how much work goes into the process of getting them ready for it. They seem to do well also, always taking home the medals/ribbons. How long have you been growing @bluemoon?

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Thank you! I'm an amateur at growing flowers, I live in a big and crowded city but I live on the outskirts of the city and I have a small yard. There I try to gather as many flowers and trees as possible, I have five birches and Japanese maple in less than 100 square meters of the yard. I'm definitely far from your grandparents' performance.

Sounds idyllic, I'd much prefer a small well-maintained garden to something that ends up a mess because it's too hard to manage.

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Now I prefer the same when my workforce has decreased.

Wow. I love your lovely garden with many kinds of flowers.

Thank you!

You're welcome.

You act like as if this would be some kind of rare thing to see.

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Thank you!

Very nice! So colourful! I could drink these colours and become very fresh! Natural vitamins for my eyes and mood! Nice lens!

Thank you!


What a wonderful reminder! I cannot tell you how many things (especially lately) that I just let slip by, barely without notice. Being mindful takes practice, but, it is what saves me in the end.

Illinca is such a beautiful bridge to remind you of things you might have missed. I can see in real life, this is what happens when your life is consumed with making a living and making a life for your family. Finally! Your grandaughter is giving you those special memories that only grandchildren can give. I know it makes your life busy, but, I am pretty sure you wouldn't have it any other way.

Your garden is abundant and the roses are spectacular, the vinca vine, the colors all meshing into one spectacular explosion of colors and shapes. Mine has done the same and once I stopped giving it that everyday attention, it took off, and now, the colors are everywhere. When did that happen? Seems like life is so busy, all over again.

I thought it might slow down for you a bit, but, it is busy with your grandaughter and catching up again. I think you do a great job of managing it all, Dan! @bluemoon. Your post is such a pleasure and a gentle reminder to me. It is always the small things, but, try as I might, some things slip by.

I tried to pull up the #always a flower on Wednesday and Thursday and I do not know why this one didn't pop up. Sorry! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Thank you so much for posting the beauty!

Illinca is such a beautiful bridge, a superb and true comparison. I didn't think that way but you're right, thank you.
Yes, I am busier and busier, it seems incredible to me that this period that I imagined calm and quiet can be so full.
I think it's the same with you. It seems very interesting and strange to me at the same time ... We (that is, you and me) are so different in everything, the level and the life system so different and yet so many similar things happen to us. I'm glad for that and thank you!

We (that is, you and me) are so different in everything, the level and the life system so different and yet so many similar things happen to us.

This is so true! I hadn't really thought of it that way but, you are right. But, different as we are, it was never a question of being friends or not... we just are. :))

Fortunately, yes!


Your flowers are really so beautiful

And so is your grand-daughter

I hope that you can forgive yourself for always neglecting your flowers most times, and they disappear in the process

And I am happy that your son had given you another chance to take note of your loved ones as they grow in the form of a granddaughter

Take real good care of yourself, your garden, your son, and your granddaughter

Cheers to all of you

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Good photos, @bluemoon.

It's a pity that many people fail to see this kinda of beauty in the gardens.

Thank you!

very nice post @bluemoon....sometimes you see hive-blockchain is better than noise.cash....
those purple ones are great!

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Thank you! Hive-blockchain is the first love.

Not so hidden. At least many of the gardens nearby in my village is full of flowers like this.

I'm glad it's like that, thank you for telling me.