Breaking Ground For This Year's Market Garden

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With the grass mowed down in our future garden plot, it was time to turn some dirt over. Eventually, I would like to get to where I can keep my garden pretty much no-till. However, to turn a pasture into a garden plot in one season requires some tilling. And, to keep a garden no-till takes mulch of some kind, and when you start scaling your garden up to market-garden size, it becomes difficult to get your hands on the volume of mulch material you would need to adequately cover the ground. I just don't think we're there, yet; but we're heading in that direction!

In this video, I test out my new (to me) Titan tiller as we till up our 1/4 acre (approximately) garden for this summer.

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Breaking Ground For Our Market Garden (Video)

If you're in the market for a PTO driven 3 point tiller, we used a 4 ft. Titan Tiller similar to the one in the link. (paid link)

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My mama @buckaroo loves her herb garden. We help with our spades. But Daddy has a big tractor to work in the fields. It's orange. It's very old but that's because it works so hard planting food for mama's goats and all our sheep and chickens.

The tractor is great for land and do farm everything.

It was a game changer for us!

Yes thanks really mean.

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