white ice cream on brown cookie

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white ice cream on brown cookie

shallow focus photo of blueberries

Tea with lemon in autumn mood

I had a night shift from 12 to 6, was walking from work at 6 in the morning and for some reason, the colors on the restaurant seemed to really pop out. Clicked. Check more out on my IG @the__ysr

macro photography of a sandwich

Recipe on www.foodess.com

man holding bunch of bananas

Salt Sea & Caramel Ice Cream

bread beside knife on chopping board

plate of pastr y


Schöne Fotos mit tollen Geschichten dazu! Weiter so! 😂😂😂

Immer doch😊!
Die Geschichten darunter sind teils der Hammer - immer wieder toll, was der Zufall da kreiert😃😄.