Bitcoin MYK Miner & Curator Elections Now Open Rules!

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Bitcoin MYK Miner & Curator Elections Now Open Rules!


Transfer of decision making power and assignment of accountability and responsibility for results. It is accompanied by delegation of commensurate authority to individuals or units at all levels

Meaning of delegate in English
noun [ C ]
a person chosen or elected by a group to represent the group
a smaller group with represents a larger group

Elections Explained

Bitcoin MYK a cryptocurrency project which recognizes the importance of democracy on the blockchain. We have opted to have participatory elections to give our community the right to vote on who should be rewarded and receive tokens for their participation in the growth of our network.

Unfortunately we have recognized that many cryptocurrencies even bitcoin don't allow this important act of democracy to take place. Our miner pools in many cryptocurrencies are controlled by centralized as well as corporatized entities. That have in fact thrived while small mining data centers have had to go out of business. It's driven even products like bitcoin to be heavily controlled by less than 5 mining pools and nobody gets to decide who these miners are.

This is not representative of anything to do with any idea of decentralization. It is with heavy hearts this discovery is made real to us. In our (POP) Proof of Participation model. We have discovered that in our simulated mining operation nothing is more important than democracy. So in idea we wish to reward the miners the community sees fit to represent us by rewarding those miners and curators to our project. More information is available about the Bitcoin MYK Project here:


Community members now have the right to select over the next few weeks the miners and curators they believe should be rewarded for their participation and service to our community. Eligibility to vote is as follows:

  1. Subscribe to our group here at:
  2. Comment under this post "vote" (candidate name here) example: vote mykos

Qualifying Candidates are as follows:

  1. Barski

  2. Ecoinstant


  1. raymondspeaks

  2. double.bear.neox

  3. leondardoslade



  1. tmps

  2. ityp


  1. axeman

  2. gungunkrishu


  1. ironshield

  2. welsch

  3. davedickeyyall

Top Miners & Curators Rewards as follows:

  1. 20,000 btcmyk

  2. 15,000 btcmyk

  3. 10,000 btcmyk

  4. 5000 btcmyk

  5. 4000 btcmyk

  6. 3000 btcmyk

  7. 1000 btcmyk

  8. 500 btcmyk

  9. 250 btcmyk

  10. 100 btcmyk

  11. 50 btcmyk

  12. 25 btcmyk

  13. 10 btcmyk and all below with qualifying votes

78 bitcoin myk site affiilates were not included. The will be part of a new project that will be the first affiliate program that we wish to conduct that pays in both sbd and btcmyk for referring members to the steem blockchain.

Election run period 1/9/20 to 1/23/20.

New Miners and curators may enter any period until up to 1.22/20. Any entries after that won't be counted. Any non members subscribed to the group votes won't be counted. Make sure you have subscribed. Candidates make sure to post and let the community know you'd like their votes. Self voting is allowed. You need atleast one vote to claim any rewards. Candiates make sure you hit the subscribe button to qualify for the elections.


I vote for double.bear.neox :)

I thought I was a curator lol

I vote for me double.bear.neox

Vote double.bear.neox

lol thanks Ray.. Ray's got my back.

I will vote for @ecoinstant

Vote leondardoslade

vote leonardodaslade

vote @double.bear.neox
(second vote @ironshield)

vote @axeman

Vote @axeman

vote @axeman

@ecoinstant for me.

Vote for @axeman

vote @axeman

vote axeman

vote @axeman

Vote @axeman

Vote @axeman

vote @axeman

I vote for @axeman

vote for @axeman

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