Roller coaster

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Rollercoaster by Free-Photos in Pixabay

One day, the planet's gravity suddenly reversed. Most of humanity died, but some survived. The most daring managed to build a series of bridges, towers that hang from the roof of the world and a roller coaster that uses vertigo in any direction because up or down, is not distinguished.

Nowadays, nobody knows what is underneath, nor what supports the light constructions where people live and where they move from one place to another. It is forbidden.

With the passage of time, myths and legends were created about the origin of the world. Some tribes say that life was born out of nothing that devours everything, especially those who, knowing the laws, jump into the void in search of answers. Others say that life is the property of the air and that everything that flies and rises is worthy of homage, even ideas.

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Rollercoaster by paulbr75 in Pixabay

Fear of the unknown is what keeps the world as it is: upside down. No one dares to feel the emptiness in their stomach caused by a roller coaster with its wild turns anymore. Millimetric jumps and consensual distances keep the volatile life in the clouds safe, but that sometimes drives you crazy.

Now there is no ground to walk on and no place to land when you fall from a cloud of illusion. You just have to keep pushing yourself. The more pressure, the more balance.

The belief system has changed, you no longer think that when you die you go to heaven because they are alive in heaven. Now, the idea of death is related to falling into a void where the gods live, which inexplicably, corresponds with a part of Greek mythology.

The god most often extolled is Poto, son of Iris and Zephyr who in his glory years was part of Aphrodite's entourage, but then become apathetic and depressed. And it is this characteristic that went from being venerated to being lived as an indefinable type of emotion, the personification of longing and yearning that is commonly called nostalgia.

In these new times, her philosophy is described as "the desire that leads to death," a self-destructive disposition of the soul that is nourished by the despair that wanders through the ether. If desire cannot be nourished by hope, it is transformed into that rare sense of pain called nostalgia. Which, for the survivors who inhabit the sky, is transformed into the desire to "fall", to abandon the struggle for survival suspended by strings that handle them like puppets.

To "fall" is a symbol of courage and cowardice at the same time, either you immerse yourself in the force of falling or you let yourself be dragged by the longing for a dream path and let yourself fall. But, more than anything, it is a desire for freedom, an indefinable chimera that has thrown many off the cliff of a dream that has no ground, an endless abyss that has swallowed half of humanity to exercise the much-dreamed-of and envied: free will, the one that often sinks us and lifts us.

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