HIVE Promotion Content for Social Networks

in hive-148441 •  3 months ago  (edited)

Well, the blockchain continues to grow and in a few days, impressive things have been achieved.

If you are one of many users who have twitter, Reddit, medium and other social networks on, then let's keep showing how great HIVE is and what better way than some banners.

I invite you to take this material created by me and use it to promote the platform.

Some of the content used has been taken from to complement the graphic and informational material in the advertisement.





Animation on .mp4 file 1080 available on Imgur

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Awesome stuff man, love the graphics!

thanks jon :D

Cool material, I need some of them

feel free to use it.

Thank you for sharing, i will use them for sure

Hey Zaxan they are beautiful indeed.

Would you be able to republish your files and update this article with the new versions where you remove the word "Blockchain"?

I really don't want to mix with artistic indepencence, but we try to brand the name HIVE, not HIVE BLOCKCHAIN. Please ping me on Telegram (@roelandp) for more. Thanks in advance for your help.