My bike ride adventure activities with students to valley of pai khel mountain #5

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My bike ride adventure activities with students to valley of pai khel mountain #5


my this adventure journey on bike ride with my students was very much pleasant , we enjoyed there two days , and one day weather was little bit cloudy and sun light was playing with us hide and seek but we enjoyed very much, we discovered many good place, we cooked there and we did dance party, signing party, every corner of the valley was very much beautiful, this pai khel mountain valley is situated in district Mianwali, province Punjab Pakistan, this is very much big mountain area, there are many type of expensive stone, that companies use for many people, also this stone use to make pot and different tiles that used in construction purpose


we started our journey from mohallah qatal khail to pai khel valley, we covered this distance in two hours so we traveled from different track that leaded us to our destination place so one of the worse think we faced in this journey that way was full of stone and bike tyre got great difficulties also water flow was very much hard to cross the track, but we moved to our destination with very much slow speed , every view of very much beautiful, some track were very much dangerous so i was not able to ride on bike, so i gave my bike to my students and i covered some track on my foot


below are some pictures that i captured at the time of starting and on different track , but my phone was in my bag so i could not catch much photo of nature area, but i tried to capture every corner of the different areas that we visited so hope you all will enjoy my this journey, so if you want to visit this place then come and explore the beauty of this area, you all will enjoy this area IMG_20201207_110907.jpg



in above image you can see my two students are ready to take journey to valley, so yeah hope you all will enjoy my below photos of this trip , i will share my more stories about this trip thank a lot




















thank you very much for visiting my this trip valley post ,


Looking so amazing dear sir ❤️

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