Fragrance of flowers illuminates the heart of every living thing

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That mood of your love, that face of my fidelity, you are my desire, and I am indebted to your love, you who look beloved, my life will change, my eye longs for your sight.

The lover is in love with the beloved and is expressing his love in a very gentle tone. The lover's gaze is on the beloved and the beloved's gaze is sought. One look of the beloved is a breath of fresh air.
The first ray of morning is the memory of the beloved for the lover for whom he is longing.
On the one hand, love is captivated by the eyes of the beloved, on the other hand, love has imprisoned the lover. The imprisonment whose release is now complete only in the eyes of the Beloved.
Love is two such feelings. Their imprisonment sometimes becomes imprisonment of soul and body.
The most important stage in the stages of love is separation and worry and longing to meet the beloved torments the soul and eyes of man.
Everything and everything becomes enlightened for the beloved man.
We have lived a life of drowning in love.


If love is true, then the element of separation and fidelity is an essential part of true love. Eyes fall asleep crying waiting for the beloved. The heart melts in remembrance of the Beloved, the wax melts.
In the darkness of the night, let's make a picture of the beloved on the moon.
The stars convey the message of love. The first rays of the sun illuminate the memory of the beloved.
These are the feelings that arise in a lover at the same time in the memory of the beloved.
The fragrance of the flower reflects the fragrance of the beloved and the love of the flower reflects the love of the beloved.
The beauty of every color and every nature is hidden in the beauty of the beloved.


Flowers always have their fragrance, their sweetness, their color, their love inside every living thing. And that is why every sad face, every lover mentions his beloved sitting by the flowers.
Every lover talks to his beloved with flowers. And he thinks that flowers listen to him and understand. And the fragrance of flowers illuminates the heart of every living thing.


Love does not seek beauty. Love is a feeling, a madness is a thought and a mood. Love is the name of those beautiful thoughts and emotions that can arise in the human heart for anything.
And love is also the name of human fulfillment.

Thank you all very much for taking your precious time to read my post.
I am grateful to all of you for this love.
If you will guide me below my post. So I will be strengthened.
Your comments strengthen me to write better.
My best wishes are with you all.

Yousaf haroon khan

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They are words full of much love, so they are full of life, because love and life are one feeling. Your words draw the love that is within you.

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