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Aslam-Mu-Alakum! Dear Friends,

The art of the truck is the light of my eyes, I love this art very much. Pakistan is one of the best places to see truck art. If I say that truck'art is a way to earn money, that will not be bad. The creator of Truck'art is making good income every month. Now in my country, the art of the truck is spreading a lot. The tractor owner loves to decorate the tractor with beautiful paints. The car owner loves to decorate his car, so this art is spreading to all hearts. so I can say that art in moving is the name of the art of the truck.


so my first art picture is about tractor art. The tractor driver is my friend and he drives this tractor for a long time. His name is Majid Malik, he lives in the Sultan Wala village, so he told me he loved his tractor much more after decorating it. loves to drive his tractor after decorating it. it feels good and people love their tractor very much. People love taking photos of his tractor after decorating it. so I am very proud after decorating the tractor. so he told me that everything would change after decorating the tractor.



Beautiful Truck's Art!

Beautiful Truck's art are moving on road. i saw these trucks in area of Mochh sand side . These all Decorated trucks were carrying sand to construction area in city mochh. there is continue road construction in mochh city, but now these days , all city is locked down because of coronavirus so i took these all pictures few days ago, so date of photography is also written on every photos.



Moving Culture Art!

Scenery of nature in each photos is increasing the beauty of decorated trucks. Here need to see every photos with deeply to feel the beauty of nature and truck's art. Every color is increasing the love for art. i would like to say here that Truck's Art is not just decoration of truck, it is mirror of culture. because in my area, people love very much own culture. so my people love to spread culture value to all country. so every truck has its own culture decoration. if owner belong to from Sindhi , there will be decorated Sindhi culture in shape of art. so if truck's owner belong to Punjab then truck will be decorated with Punjabi culture art. so i can say that truck is moving culture on roads.



It is view of the driver's seat, driver was looking at me , when i was taking his picture, so you can see how beautiful painted driver window, very beautiful.


Yellow Truck

Yellow beauty wondering in sandy land and carrying sand. That is a wonderful view of the landscape of nature with the beauty of the truck. I think to feel this beauty of art ,need to see very deeply to feel the beauty of each photo.




truck with sand loaded,i took this picture when truck came to close to me, so there is clear of view of sand in photo that is loaded in truck.



Two truck in line, in sand area.








it is driver seat, lovely view, beautiful art ,driver is watching from window at me. at this time, driver asked to me , are you taking photos, take take, and i saw beautiful smile on his face.


Window Art!

can you see this truck window art, very beautifully decorated this window, here i wanna mention that all truck were full of dust , dirt, because all truck were busy to carrying sand for construction, this area was very much sand, so dust clouds were flying when trucks were moving with carrying sand. in this condition these trucks were spreading beauty in nature.


Dear friends!

It is not my last post about truck art, i will bring more beautiful photos of truck art, if i found any where on road, or city,so if you love to view more truck art, photos then never forget to follow me. i hope you all will like my this post too. your appreciation is my power and strength, i am nothing without your appreciation. your appreciation will increase my passion to write more about this topic with more great love passion. once again, thank you very much for visiting my post.
i pray you all live very safe and happy . May Allah Keep you safe and happy ameen.


Photography Location: Mowaz wala, near Mochh RHC, PUANJAB PK
Cammera: Smart Android VIVO Y19
Photographer: @yousafharoonkhan

it is my original photography and text, and published on Hive Blockchain On March 28,2020 On Saturday
at 9:07 Am morning.



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